Whenever a guest or client arrives at your home or office, the first place where he rests himself is the sofa. Churu Building Cleaning Services is a premier cleaning company offering professional sofa cleaning and sanitizing service to residential and commercial properties in Dubai. We have experienced expert team of maids and cleaners to clean your upholstery, cushion, fabric, leather and suede couch. Our services restore fabric brightness, remove all stains and marks and improve its durability. With almost no drying time, your sofa regains appreciable look and hygiene. After we removed all dirty spots and stains from the fabric, we will treat it with a stain guard to protect against future stains and to keep it looking fresh and clean. Our revolutionary cleaning system have surpassed many conventional sofa cleaning systems.

Carpet Cleaning

We understand that you need more than carpet cleaning because it is not just prolonging the life of your carpet, but also to have a clean and healthier indoor environment in your home and office. Our long term carpet cleaning and protection strategy helps, including the following below options such as:

  • Carpet sanitization
  • Carpet deodorizer
  • Encapsulation
  • Rug Maintenance
  • Remove dirty stains & watermark
  • Steam extraction cleaning
  • Spot cleaning to remove stains
  • Eco friendly carpet cleaning

Service Quality Assurance

* Safe, non-toxic treatment

* 100% hassle-free service

* Minimum disruption

* Refresh brightness of fabric color

* Removal of dirty spots & stains

* No chemical residue on fabric

* Not only cleaned, we also do sanitized

* Eliminate dust mites bacteria & fungi