We specialize in after party and event cleaning services in offices and homes. Let us do the scrubbing, scouring and spraying, so you can sit back and relax. Our cleaning company deals with the clean ups from festivals, weddings, birthday, sporting events, conventions, office or private parties. We offer first-class results for the lowest prices in Dubai. Our experienced and well-mannered cleaning teams are available across Dubai right now, and can carry out a professionally after party cleaning service weekends or week days. We make sure that our experienced team takes full care of the bottles, cans and other types of rubbish items: empty all the kitchen bins and cleaning the floors as well. We make sure that all of your dishes are washed, the bathrooms are polished, sanitized and the kitchen will clean as well. In order for us to perform, you are allowed to leave your dream home in our safe hands. By the time you come back from work or a full day out with family, our highly professional and fully trained after party cleaning staff will perform all the services you asked them as per requirement. There are many things one may consider when it comes to going for an after party cleaning and maid service in Dubai.

You will need a company that:

All Living Areas

* Ensures that every room of the house, including it bathrooms are genuinely clean and tidy.

* Disposes off all the party rubbish, making your house look tidy as new.

* Charges the clients by an hour, making sure that they offer all their cleaning services.

* Allows the client to enjoy and relax as the cleaning team will perform their task in the best way possible.

After Party Cleaning task

  • * Empty all bins
  • * Cleaning mirrors
  • * Scrub bathroom floors
  • * Cleaning kitchen sink
  • * Cleaning inside/outside oven
  • * Cleaning inside/outside fridge

  • * Vacuuming and washing of hard floors
  • * Making your house look tidy as new
  • * Cleaning windows and window sills
  • * Deep cleaning in the washroom/bathroom
  • * Thoroughly cleaning kitchen surfaces
  • * Cleaning fronts of cupboards & cabinets