At Churu Building Cleaning Services, our goal is to provide reliable and affordable services that produce excellent results and surpass the expectations of our customers. With a team of trained and experienced professional maids in Dubai and in Sharjah, we’re able to provide efficient and on-time maid services for residential and commercial needs.

Flexible, efficient, and competitive professional maid services

Through our flexible services, customers can be assured that we have maids available for their desired booking schedules. Whether you need professional maids per hour in Dubai and Sharjah, or a part time maid who will clean and manage your place weekly or monthly, we can tailor our services to suit your availability.

We understand that when you book a part time maid in Sharjah or Dubai, you are letting people into the privacy of your home. That is why we carefully interview and evaluate maids who join our company. We have a strict policy to only choose hardworking and trustworthy staff, in order to protect the interest of our customers.

We also choose professional cleaners who possess good English skills to ensure they’ll be able to understand and carry out customers’ instructions properly.

Our professional maids are well-equipped and experienced to efficiently do:

* All around cleaning for houses, apartments, and villas

* Laundry

* Ironing

* After party clean-up

* All around cleaning for offices, stores, schools, hospitals, warehouses, buildings, and other commercial spaces

* Move in and move out cleaning

Our drivers always arrive on time so your booked maid can start and finish all the required tasks within the schedule you chose. With our meticulous attention to cleanliness, customers are satisfied to see their home sparkling clean and well-organized.

Book our maid service

Need a part-time maid to clean your apartment? We have an easy online booking services that you can access anytime, anywhere. Click here and fill out the necessary details, and we’ll get back to you immediately. We have 24/7 customer support for urgent inquiries and requirements: 055 2418247 Or 05 21260169